At a young age, Marilyn was drawn to eastern philosophies and teachings which eventually led her to study martial arts and shiatsu. Her initiation into healing arts came from Buddhist priest and shiatsu master Ryokyu Endo. More recently, she has had the good fortune to train with spiritual guide, healer and creative visionary, Ron Young whose approach is to guide students inward to unite with their deeper nature, to ''look within the form'' and to ''give permission'' for new movements to arise. She is an active member of the Yasodhara yoga community in Montreal whose yogic tradition is grounded in practices that help students connect with their inner guidance. Marilyn recently completed a certificate in scientific aromatherapy with Friends of the Montreal Botanical Garden and Noblessence. Currently, she is pursuing a degree in Bioecology at Cégep de Saint-Laurent to further her understanding and appreciation of plants and natural environments.



''As a massage therapist, I believe that my role is to help my clients reconnect with themselves and to the healing forces of nature. As simple as this seems, we often create barriers to connecting to these regenerative forces when chronic stress sets in.  As so much of our daily life seems controlled by ever increasing demands for productivity and performance, allowing the space and time for balancing, harmonizing and healing has never been more important to our overall health and wellbeing.''





Dans la philosophie du Sāmkhya (Sanskrit sattva / ''pureté'', ''vérité'', ''luminosité'', ''légèreté'', ''transparence''....)

  In Samkhya philosophy (Sanskrit sattva / "purity", literally "existence, reality", ''luminosity '',

'' transparence''...)


Marilyn Gabriel

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